About Us

Sharktee is a fashion brand born with a passion for fashion and a desire to bring customers the best design. Therefore, Sharktee has invested heavily to bring to the market fashion products in a youthful, dynamic but equally luxurious and trendy style. With the Sharktee brand, you can affirm your own personal style with everyone around and update the hottest fashion designs today.

2.Vision and mission
True to the slogan “Essential fashion for every home”, Sharktee’s mission is to bring functional and essential product lines to everyone, suitable for the weather, age and each audience.
Every customer who is interested in Sharktee can choose for themselves the product they like. From tall people, thin people, from ordinary customers to the most luxurious customers because of the variety of designs, colors, sizes as well as the high usefulness and practicality of the product lines.

3.Core Values
To achieve success, each of us needs to have the right goals throughout the road we have been, are going and will go. Sharktee clearly defines the core value of the Brand as Bringing functionality and comfort, maximum utility to the wearer along with real value in each product.
Therefore, Sharktee always upholds the following factors: Design, features as well as suitable and safe materials for the wearer; The match between the selling price and the use value of the product.

4. Facilities
Professional, dedicated and honest staff.
Customer Service and Consulting.
Brand Identity Department.
Video and photo department.
Delivery department.

5. Our goal
Products – Quality – Prestige – Professionalism.
Continue to become the leading retail website.
Expand sales to all over the world.
Give customers peace of mind and satisfaction when shopping at home.
Constantly searching and updating clothing models, hot trends in the market to meet the needs of customers.

6. We are committed
Reasonable prices, enthusiastic advice.
Fast shipping.
Attentive after-sales.
Many attractive promotions.
The best place to provide information and product advice to customers.
Potential partners and reputation of suppliers.